That word “blog”…it almost has a negative connotation to it. It almost has the words “hard work” in there. I’m sure it is hidden in there somewhere. Can you relate?

Chances are, you are amazing at what you do and let’s say that writing may not necessarily be your strong suit. Is that right? Or it could be the opposite for you. You love to write – it’s a way for you to express your thoughts.

Well, here is what we discovered amongst many entrepreneurs. When someone asks you to write a blog, a constant stream of  excuses seem to pop up, just like that thing called “time.” I have experienced exactly this and some of you may have too.  It’s not that I don’t want to write it’s just that when that word BLOG is mentioned I go into an automatic state of shock and feel like someone has placed a heavy weight on my shoulders. I immediately feel overwhelmed, stuck and have no idea where I would even begin. I get the feeling that it’s a hard task and start to go into overdrive and procrastinate. Have you ever experienced this?

So in that moment of eventually sitting down to write this thing called BLOG, even if it is a topic I’m awesome at and that I know inside out, I find myself experiencing the ultimate dreaded writer’s block and absolutely nothing flows no matter what! In fact there are times in those few seconds and minutes when I start to doubt if I even know the topic. Really what a joke!

I hear myself starting to say this BLOG is hard, I don’t know where to start from and I begin jumping topics. The best part is when I begin to wonder whose bright idea this was, almost with an urgency to blame. Totally crazy, I know.

As an entrepreneur you have got to agree that we have so much going on, right? It’s a constant journey and a battle of thoughts good or bad on how we are ultimately going to develop and grow the business.

We are actively out there seeking ways on how to improve our exposure with the public or industry specific and gain authority, not to mention find ways that we can authentically add value as a business. A BLOG will help you do exactly that over time using the right channels.

So here’s a way to start to gain momentum in your writing.

  1. Decide right now that the word BLOG will can be flipped to something like… a reflection of knowledge, a letter of inspiration, a letter to a friend or an expression of thought. Because after all this is all that it really is….
  2. Take on one of the above thoughts to replace the BLOG word and you may immediately become free and creative. I actually get excited and schedule time to write with absolute clarity!

Try it on it’s simple and it works. It’s a great way to express your knowledge, thoughts of inspiration.

Happy writing!!


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