There’s nothing more irritating, humiliating and frustrating than the feeling of being conned. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were being sold to – but didn’t see it coming – then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It hurts our pride, because we all like to think we have a great BS meter! But I missed this one. Ouch!!

There I was actively listening to a so-called expert, who I put my full trust in, and was following word for word. Guess what? There was a hidden agenda. The best part? I was completely unaware. I had just been conned!

How did I find out that it was BS? I implemented what I learned immediately, because I felt so excited and knowledgeable. I believed that this information could help so many people in business. I even shared it with a guru in the field, thinking I knew it all, until boom…

He said “that’s BS” – and in minutes proved it so. Really it was that simple. Wow! I must admit this blew my mind and left me feeling exceptionally peeved, to put it politely. I’m sure you would feel the same.

But here’s the deal. When you run your own business, you have to make a lot of decisions. And sometimes a lot of mistakes. But if you want to avoid stumbling into the next one, then take a little tip from me. Become an entrepreneurial eagle and grow your business avoiding major pitfalls along the way.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Since I had already shared a lot of this so-called expert’s information with complete trust and conviction, I found myself in a “damage control” situation. Maybe this would even affect my business. It was a tough time.

What did I do? I learned from my mistake. I moved on, got over it and chalked it up to experience. After all, it was a valuable lesson learned  – and made me raise my BS meter much higher for the next time around.

Mistakes can be extremely powerful as an entrepreneur, because they make you twice as wary and doubly prepared for the next situation. You become stronger and more well-rounded when you’ve learned things the hard way.

Make Sure You Do Your Research

This is golden rule number one. You must always research what you’ve been told. Don’t take any information at face value. Pretty much everyone is trying to sell you something, and many people will do whatever it takes to get hold of your hard-earned cash.

Stay focused as people take you on a journey with their opinions, and try not to get lost in the labyrinth of their rhetoric. Your job is to become the eagle that calmly watches from the mountaintop.

Swoop over the information from a distance. Analyze. Remain subjective and then come back to it again when you’re ready. Don’t let anyone force you into making a decision on the spot.

The easiest way to check out a company, person, product, or scheme is simply just to Google it. Or, if you’re making a hiring decision, then check out your potential candidate’s story. As great as twenty years experience in social media might sound – remember that Facebook wasn’t around until 2004.

The Power of a Tribe

Developing a network of people who will support you is exceptionally powerful. It’s vital to be able to share information and ideas with like-minded people who can let you know when you’re making a mistake.

If I had asked some of my fellow friends and colleagues before blindly following the words of this con artist, perhaps I would have smelled the BS sooner.

Your tribe will also support you when you’ve made a mistake and maybe even defend you, if what you say is the truth.

No one needs to run a business all by themselves. Even if you still find yourself managing every area of yours, draw from your network of contacts for advice and to figure out ways of doing things better.

Be authentic and give as much as you receive, if you want to create a support network that will really help you grow. Be prepared to help, share and engage with other members when they need something from you, too. This should be a two-way relationship.

We all make mistakes (they’re pretty much par for the course) but they key is in not making the same ones twice. Try to take out as much value as possible from your negative experiences and turn them into positive ones.

Learn to distance yourself from the information, keep a cool head and draw on the experiences of your tribe. Keep these three tips in mind the next time you’re not sure if you’re about to plunder headlong over a precipice. Become an entrepreneurial eagle and you’ll see your business take flight.


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