Welcome, Small Business Owners, Serial Entrepreneurs, Home Business Dynamos, and Anyone Doing Anything Awesome!

Okay. We know this is a website for small business news. But allow us to go a little poetic on you for a second: Just as no two snowflakes or fingerprints are the same, no two entrepreneurs are the same…

…didn’t Confucious say that? Okay, probably not. And yes, we kind of suck at poetry. But the sentiment is real!

At The Unicorn in the Room, we urge you to embrace your uniqueness and (dare we say) eccentricities on your entrepreneurial journey with a sense of fun. After all, you probably started or are starting a business to do what you’re most passionate about, so you should enjoy every minute of it!

Here on this site, our creative professionals, startup founders, and freelancers share their best advice for building a business. Our hope is that we will help you overcome the inevitable challenges that will arise on your journey and give you the tools you need to achieve success!

Whether you are building a personal brand, a single startup, or are a serial entrepreneur, always remember to stay true to yourself and your vision. No one needs a cookie cutter, but Martha Stewart! By bringing your unicornial charm to your business, you stand to resonate most deeply with your real target audience (and see better success). We are excited to watch you grow!

Taking Business Advice

The Unicorn in the Room is dedicated to keeping you up on the latest small business news, while providing you with key insights about how to grow a business.

Building and scaling a business is a rewarding, but not always easy task. Our entrepreneurial experts have totally been in your shoes and love to share their business words of wisdom. The hope is that we will help you overcome the inevitable challenges that will arise in your business and give you the tools you need to achieve success!

Taking business advice from successful entrepreneurs is a great way to quickly gain useful skills. But as with any business media site, always remember that the articles you read here are based on our opinions and outlined what has worked for us. So be smart! Use the pieces of advice that work for you, throw out what doesn’t work and build a business that is true to your vision.

Thank you for reading!

Business Advice

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